What Are Bunions

A bunion (Hallux Valgus) is a bump that develops on the side of your foot at the base of the big toe. This is caused by enlargement or spurs developing on the joint and the progressive shifting of the big toe. Over time, this bump will get bigger over time causing more pain and discomfort.

What Causes Bunions

Bunions can be caused by tight fitting shoes, health conditions such as gout, arthritis, neurovascular disease, trauma, physical activity, abnormal biomechanics, and flat feet can all lead to bunion formation.   Pain and progression of bunion deformity can be enhanced if the patient wears tight or high-heeled shoes. ??Bunions become aggravated by Shoe pressure can aggravate bunions forming a red, inflamed area called a bursa. Throbbing pain will develop as continued pressure on this inflammation presses against blood vessels. Shooting pain occurs when the swelling presses against the nerve. Untreated bunions can put pressure on neighboring toes causing  corns, callouses, hammertoes, and even arthritis in the joint.

How Are Bunions Treated

Your Salem Foot Care podiatrists will thoroughly examine your bunion and foot. The course of treatment recommended for each patient is based on this exam.

Non-surgical treatment options can include:
  • Bunion pads, to cushion and protect the area 
  • Rest and elevation of the foot.
  • Anti-inflammatory and/or pain medications
  • Custom Orthotic Inserts
  • Specialty or other shoe or recommendation

What To Expect If Surgery Is Needed

Your foot surgeon may recommend a bunionectomy if non-surgical treatments do not correct the bunion symptoms. The onset of arthritis may also make this surgery a necessity to avoid complications in the future.??The large bump will be removed by your foot surgeon to improve the alignment and function of the big toe joint. In certain instances, the bone may be cut and moved to a more normal position, and pins, screws and wires will be used if needed to improve results. Healing times will range between three and twelve weeks, based on the individual procedure.

Bunions can be extremely painful, so schedule an examination with Salem Foot Care for a correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Call us at 336-667-2015 to schedule an appointment today.

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